Would you drive 4 hours for a pair of shoes?

Would you drive 4 hours for a pair of shoes?

Would you drive 4 hours for a pair of shoes?

I can recall in my youth doing some things that today I would not even have as a consideration. I had to be in my early 20's, working at a shoe store and was marking down shoes on the sales rack and came across a pair of platform booties that were to die for. I mean they were the baddest pair of shoes I had ever seen for that price. This may cause you to say they couldn't be that cheap but yes they were. A whole five dollars for some platform Chinese Laundry brand stiletto heel booties.

I was in love but the only thing was we only had a size 10 at my store. I had to have them! I looked in the computer for my size and low and behold they had a pair in a 7 that was only at one location. But of course there was a catch, they could not be shipped because they were below the dollar threshold for shipping and were on the clearance rack.

I was distraught but I looked to see where they were and called the store to hold them for me and drove 2 hours going just to get them and another 2 hours to get back home. What was I thinking? Oh yeah, $5.00 Chinese Laundry booties.

I asked a friend to ride with me because not only did I have to drive to a place I had never been before but the store was going to put them back  at the end of the night and I just knew they would be sold if they did.

I got off my shift hopped in the car drove to pick up my friend and drove expeditiously to the location of my new boots. On the return trip I was stopped by an unmarked car that had been trailing me for a while. Luckily I did not get a ticket but that would have topped my story.

After about a week of wearing the greatest deal I had ever gotten for myself, I had a sore on my shin from the boot rubbing against my leg. That was the year I attribute to learning self-control. 

Share some of your wild shopping experiences.

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Didi Royale

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