Short or Tall? What's your preference?

Short or Tall? What's your preference?

Whether you are the shortest or tallest person in the room you should be able to wear whatever height heel you want. I have women say to me almost daily how do you wear those shoes so long and that high off the ground. Here is a disclaimer, "I am short." I don't like the feeling of someone standing over me, so I wear heels to even the playing field a little. Maybe it's just a mental thing but it works in my mind.

Lets go over a few heel heights you have to choose from:

You have the kitten heel which is normally 1-2 inches high. These are great for women who aren't to sure about heels and they still want a bit of height added to feel like they are still in line with fashion. These women are normally older and some may have some type of foot injury that may hinder them from really wearing the styles they love.

Next you have the 3 to 3.5 inch heel which is ideal for older working professionals. You get the height but it is not so steep that you could not wear the shoes for a full days work. This is considered the sweet spot however I have found that the styles that you are able to get are usually lacking in design.

The next height up is the 4 to 5 inch shoe. This shoe is for more avid walkers. You have to know what you are doing or you will bust your but on the ground. These women tend to be younger with more balance. A lot of party goers seem to always have a heel in this height range. 

The last stage is a 6 inch heel. Most women are not even going to attempt to even put there foot in this type of shoe. Over the years this shoe has been know to be worn by exotic dancers. Some women may wear them on special occasions like weddings when the groom is extremely tall and the bride is a lot shorter. The bride will often wear this taller heel because the photos will come out better with them being closer in height.

Overall rest assured if you want any style of shoe it may or may not be available in your height. You may have to go outside of your comfort zone. Either way make sure you practice on at least two types of surfaces at home before leaving home. And as a general rule it is always good to have a backup pair of flats just in case you haven't practiced to perfection. You can pull out your flats to save the day and you a trip to the emergency room.

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Didi Royale

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