New Year Resolutions

New Year Resolutions

This year we have decided to step outside of the box. Instead of saying what we want to loose or what we don't want to allow this year, we are going to claim the things that we want this year!

For instance:

  1. Win that big lottery!!! Well this one is based on pure luck and we don't have much control over it but we can buy more tickets more often and that should open the door to receive more luck. Hey it's worth the try. There are MILLIONS on the line.
  2. We will purposefully grow our wardrobe. Instead of buying things all willy nilly, we will plan our purchases. This will allow us to get new items that we actually need without aimlessly getting whatever we see that looks cute while shopping.
  3. We will plan and execute a plan to travel more. Have you ever said last minute lets go on a cruise? Well we have. Now when that feeling comes up we can actually go. We will save $100 from each paycheck and by this time next year we will be well on our way!

We just wanted to encourage you to be purposefully driven this year so that you make every moment of your life count for something that you can look back on and smile about in the future. 

Happy shopping.

Didi Royale

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