My Feeeeet!!!!!!!! I Need A Grip.

This has to be the most uncomfortable way to wear a pair of heels besides squeezing in something too small. I know we have all probably seen and worn shoes that allow our feel to "hang" over. What amazes me is that shoes are still being made and How not to wear shoes purchased that cause this unsightly look. It is my understanding that not all women know how to fix a problem like this. What? In 2017, some people still don't know? Yes. Don't get me wrong it is not always because you tried on and bought something that didn't fit. Most times its because of the shape of your foot and toes. Some people just have really long toes and should probably stay away from peep toes and sandals with a wide/broad opening at the front. If you are one of those people who happen to have a pair of shoes that cause the "hang-age" I will share the                                                                    Inserts for your feet tool that will guarantee you get to use your shoes and not have to toss them out or give them away (without a few wears at least). It is a simple insert that goes under the ball of your foot and adds in the slippage that could be the main cause of this look. You could also get a full length insert to lift your foot and make it harder for you to just slid off the shoe. I hope you try this tip and get it to work for you.

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