Looking sexy in a shift dress

Looking sexy in a shift dress

Sometimes in your life you just need simplicity. The style of a shift dress gives you that versatility. Normally it's a style that you just pull over your head. This dress does not have any zippers, nor buttons, nothing, just simply pull it on over your head and you're done.  You can wear your favorite black sandals (flat or high heels) and the look can be complete. For a little more style you can add a bold necklace and matching watch. The colors in the dress are black and a rich khaki.

Just picture your day: You wake up slip this doll on, drop the kids to school, out to lunch with a friend, head to the grocery store for something to cook for dinner, then head to the school to pick the kids up, and back home to wait for your day to come to an end. You will definitely be getting compliments on this dress all day as you tion about the town.


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