Is Sexy A Science? Or Do You Just Have It Or You Don't?

Is Sexy A Science? Or Do You Just Have It Or You Don't?

What qualifies your sexy?! Is it something that you are born with? Something you feel? An attitude?

Whether you are born with it or you just embody it here are a few things we think make you sexy.

#1 and most important is your confidence. You can wear plaid paints, a floral top, and yellow shoes. Sexy is a state of being that somehow makes this look all over gorgeous. Of course you may have to correlate some of the colors in the outfit. Just picture Gisele Bundchen in this outfit. There is no way she would be called ugly. She just has that sexy factor.

#2 a sense of humor. Humor mostly displays your personality. Some people just glow when they are laughing and making others laugh. If you don't have a sense of humor then you are probably considered serious and/or boring. Get a sense of humor. As long as you aren't making fun of others (directly lol), then others will look at you in an uplifted view.


#3 Class. Its not  the price tag on your outfit it is the person in it. Class is about the dignity and the way you carry yourself with respect that others around you can see clear as day. No matter what kind of car you're driving, what part of town you live in, or what brand of clothing you're wearing if you have class others will see it. If you have an ugly attitude, are mean, and do things to embarrass others in public, you probably lack class. Get some you will thank me later.


Overall, sexy is a state of being. Like being happy, sad, and excited you can make others feel your state of being by feeling it yourself.


Didi Royale


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