Is Blush New Nude?

Is Blush New Nude?

Over the past year we have seen an increase in the use of the color blush, which is a soft pink, as a nude. We are more than happy to jump on this trend as it gives us a new color choice and another reason to buy new shoes!  Looking at these you can pair them with many different prints and solids to create your full outfit.

Blush as a nude can be paired with white, floral prints, black, denim, and even the army green color that is in fashion at the moment. We love the uses we are spotting around the internet. Pulling the look together can mean a matchymatchy look where you put pink on pink or going for a more bold approach like a yellow top, green skirt and the nude-ish pink pump. Pulling together the look can be done easily by matching a purse, watch or necklace to finish the look off. It all depends on your particular fashion eye. 

What are your thoughts about this trend? Do you love or hate it and/or have you already tried this trend out?

We would love to see your photos.

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Didi Royale

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