6 Ways To Wear Heels Without Pain

6 Ways To Wear Heels Without Pain

One thing we know to be true is that beauty hurts. We have put together a short list of 6 things you can do to lessen the pain you may feel while wearing your high heel shoes. You must keep in mind that you will most likely not eliminate pain all together, especially if you are wearing your shoes for a long period of time. Lets get started with the list:

1. Know what your feet like.
Most women know what shoes work for them and what does not work for them. It is when you stray away from what works that causes most of the pain we face. If you like wedges, stick to that style. If you want to try something new just know that there is a possibility that you will be hurting by the end of the day, so pick something that you believe feels comfortable from the start.

2. Size matters to your feet.
I know we have went over this before but size really matters. Never purchase a shoe when you know it is toooooooo small and even if its too big. You are setting yourself up for the pain if you do this. You should be sure something fits perfectly before you purchase it. If you have to try it on do it and if you are ordering online you should go with the size you purchase most office. And email the company with questions if it is allowed.

3. Platform bottoms.
A heel with a platform bottom not only gives you height without growing, but it also gives you the comfort of not having as high an arch on your foot. When you stand in platforms verses other shoes you definitely feel the difference after a while. It is sexy, adds length to your legs, and adds more comfort to any look.

4. Thicker heels.
Just plain old common sense to us. Let the heel of the shoe do most of the work. This is one reason women take to wedges so much they give you an even plain in which to place your foot. Right now the chunky dress heel look is in. Women love that it is different than the usual stiletto style, but still feels sexy and elegant where needed.

5. Sit down somewhere.
The best time to wear heels in our opinion is when headed to the office. You can walk in looking strong, well put together, and confident in a power pump. After the initial walk in, you can sit at your desk and slide your feet in some flats while at your desk and slip them back on once you have to move about.

6. Purchase inserts for your shoes.
We love, love heel inserts especially the ones that are custom made for high heels. They add the comfort you need and also lift your foot in the shoe if you need it to take up some space in a shoe that doesn't quite fit its best.

Thanks for reading and comment some things you do that work for you!

Didi Royale

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