Winter Trends According To Didi

Winter Trends - According To Didi

Holiday shopping trends that you are going to want to gift include:

  • Fashion Watches.  We have been seeing some gorgeous watches with plush detailing, beautiful prints, and rhinestones or diamond cuts. We have fallen so hard for this look and have provided some for you to purchase from us.
  • Snake print. Whether it's a top, pant, or shoes, you will surely be in trend with this print. You can also go for other bold prints like cheetah or leopard if you cant find a good snake print.
  • Golden yellow. We suggest a purse or long duster in this vibrant seasonal color. It also can transition into your 2019 wardrobe choices.
  • Burnt orange. We noticed that burnt orange has been sneaking into our eyesight over the last few weeks. We are still watching for this trend to pick up but have seen some long cardigans and trench style coats in this color as well.
  • Bold geometric prints. We have seen an uptick in bold geometric prints like we saw in the 80's and 90's. Choose something with lots of character and pair it with your classic pieces to complete the look.
  • Booties. Get yourself a white boot that comes just above the ankle. We love breaking fashion "Don'ts". You have been hearing don't wear white after labor day all your life, I bet. Nope, we are breaking that stereotype today. And now white boots are in and easier to find than ever before. 
  • Overcoats. Black, tan, beige, white, or brown. We suggest these main colors because they will be classic and timeless and will eventually find its way back in your wardrobe once the initial fad part of this trend dies off.
  • Teddy coats. Like the overcoats these too are fad items. We love the fleece style teddy the most. Feel free in this fad because its going to be a long winter ahead.

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Didi Royale

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