5 Steps To Be A Baddie

5 Steps To Be A Baddie

Being a "baddie" has been on the top of your mind and all over your social media for some time now and you may not know the exact steps to take to get you started so we have come up with 5 basic steps that if you follow you to can have a baddie title of your own.

5: Body confidence.

You have to have a baddie body! Well, not exactly, but you have to at least have the confidence to fake it. To us a baddie is a mindset and not so much a size, shape, or look. We think having the attitude is the easiest part of becoming a baddie. And like us you probably like to eat!  To have body confidence you just carry yourself in such a way that people just look and take notice. Try repeating a style that you get complimented on regularly to boost the confidence you already have. For example, if you have a favorite dress and it looks nice on you try finding it in other colors.

4: Hair vibes.

What are you doing with your hair? You need to be conscious of how you are wearing your hair. A messy bun is good for certain looks but wearing loose beach waves may be a better everyday look for your baddie goal. If you like straight hair but feel as if you need to step the look up, add a pop of color to change up the monotony. You can also make changes like wearing your hair long then change it to a midi cut or a pixie cut to look different than you normally do or to differentiate yourself from other baddies with the same look. Or the best change, in our opinion, wear a wig! Wigs are always a good way to change you look without it having to be permanent if you aren't to sure just yet.

3: Accessorize your look.

Okay sis, you have your body together and your hair looking snatched, so whats next? We like to accessorize our look to baddie status. Here we lump makeup, glasses, jewelry, and watches into the accessories category because all of these things can up-the-ante on a look. You can go from a day look to night look, or you can go from a dressed down outfit to a dressed up one using accessories. You can mask an everyday makeup look with some exaggerated shades and get the same baddie affect or you can match a color makeup look with a gold studded watch to achieve a baddie look as well.

2: Shoes.


Baddies seem to always have on one of two items a pair of thin strapped high heel sandals or some cute neutral colored sneakers. This part of trying to be a baddie in your own right is one of the easiest steps to us because you can find heels just about anywhere and pair them with just about anything in your closet. Sneakers are a little more complex in styling because there are so many colors styles and brands to choose from but we like Nike brand shoes most of all for our sneaker needs. You can use shoes the same way you use accessories. Overall you want to complete a look with whats on your feet.

1: Dress like one.

What does a baddie wear more than anything? Form fitting outfits. They love to show their shape and wear items that are either very neutral or very vibrant in color. You can copy this with ease by picking your favorite color or choosing a style that stands out to you. Right now jumpsuits and matching sets are baddie go-to items. We have seen them dressed up or down with the accessories and shoes that you choose to pair with them. Overall the outfit will be the main attraction so choose something that you love and that is comfortable to wear because eyes will be on you if you do the steps correctly. 


Remember being a baddie is about how you feel about yourself and how you are perceived by others. Determine your own baddie level and  don't others decide it for you. Keep self love at the top of your list of how to be a baddie and you will achieve the look each time you try. Inspire others and be your best self possible.

Thanks for reading the blog and don't forget to share!

~Didi Royale 



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