Designer Bag Debate

How do you feel about designer bags? Do you spend more than $100 on bags, more than $1000, or are you a dupe and keep the rest of my money type of shopper?

We love designer handbags too, BUT, we know there is a time a place for both. We don't assume everyone to can afford a Louis Vuitton every time they go to get a new bag. Hermes will not be getting our 6 to 12 months worth of car note payments.

We love these bags but most of us reserve the purchase of these to very VERY special occasions. Like if your mom just turned 50 and she looks and feels fabulous and has everything she could ever want but you want to do something special then maybe we could see splurging on her. Or its your birthday and your turning say 30 and you want a designer bag because you have never had one okay, maybe then the purchase makes sense. But to purchase a bag that adds up to your whole insurance payment for the year makes little sense to us. But to each her own.

Instead of going broke trying to keep up with the latest greatest handbag, we have decided to offer designer style handbags for those who don't mind having a "that looks like a insert luxury brand here" bag. They don't claim to have the real bag. They accept that luxury is not their main goal in fashion at the moment and still want a great accessory for their wardrobe. 

So with that said. Here are a few designer style bags that we offer. Check out our accessories collection for more items.


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