Could this be love?

Could this be love?

Every time I starting looking for something new in 2019, I ask myself " Could this be love? I'm not looking for romantic love but I am looking to curate items in my wardrobe that I absolutely love and that will be in my wardrobe for years to come. Thats the kind of expectation I now have from working with the items and staff at Didi Royale. My wardrobe and I have been through so much over the last 10+ years and I think it is time to actually dress like the person I feel that I am now and not for who I was (which is currently what my wardrobe is giving off). 

For example: I have had this one striped halter top dress for over 5 years that I just keep hanging on to. It fits loose and the shape is not as flattering on me now as it once was but for some reason I cant let it go. I think it is because it is an overall good quality item that still looks nice, just not for me. I have looked for a replacement time and time again and still haven't found anything that up to par with my old one.

I am starting realizing that the pieces I choose are important to me and they can either last me years or they will be a hindrance to me by just sitting in my closet. 

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