5 Things Divas Do Better Than Most

5 Things Divas Do Better Than Most

We were all sitting around one day and someone said hey diva to one of our girlfriends who walked in looking absolutely stunning. I mean head to the tip of her toe. She was not taking any prisoners. Dead on site gorgeous. We were asking her what the occasion and she was so nonchalant like "What are y'all talking about. This me, this is what I do". She shut the whole room down. It got me thinking. What makes others call you a diva. I came up with these 5 things a female must do to even be considered a diva. 

1. Beat a face: I love the fact that a diva always looks made up even if she isn't and most times that is because her face always seems to have a glow about it. Like her eyes pop, here lips look full, and her skin looks smooth like a babies. She rarely overdoes it but when she does it seems to be so inspiring that you want to try the look yourself.

2. Slay a head of hair: Her hair is "slayed to the Gods" as the young-ins like to say. She can wear her hair short, long, a medium length, it really doesn't matter because it is always looking polished and well put together. She can go from curly to straight overnight and the complements just flow in for her. She is often the trend setter and soon you see many of her peers with the same look.

3. Make a shoe POP: Her since of style when it comes to shoe is iconic. Seriously, every shoe we see her in we seem to find ourselves drown to those same types when we find ourselves shopping. She can wear heels one minute and flats the next and you just love her style. 

4. Show off an outfit: We cant say enough about her clothing selection and sense of style. Have we ever seen a diva step out looking a complete mess. Yes but its normally a messy bun with a designer outfit and some heels. She can rock any style of clothing and feel right with the world.

5. Grip a bad bag: THAT BIG BAG THAT SHE IS ALWAYS HOLDING TIGHT!!! This final item pulls her entire look into one picture perfect frame. She normally carries one signature bag: a Louis Vuitton, a Gucci, a YSL, a Fendi, a Chanel, or maybe even a Birkin. Either way she has that one signature bag and "some inspired bags" or nameless designers.

If you have been called a diva you can relate. Share if the article spoke to you or someone you know.

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